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There’s simply nothing like an Arcopedico shoe, here is a brand combining arch- and circulation-healthy design, which is both durable and stylish. Our customers who have particular problems with their feet have found them a good footwear solution and swear by them again and again... Read More 

Arcopedico - Support For Problem Feet

Arcopedico shoes are the product of two core design concepts. First, there’s the soft upper that fits snugly around your foot, keeping the shoe steady, preventing blisters and promoting circulation. Then, there are the polyurethane arch-support soles that evenly distribute weight across the bottom of the foot and preserve your arches. Together, these design principles ensure that you won’t find Arcopedico shoes uncomfortable even if you’re walking around in them all day!

Eco Friendly Shoes for Vegans

Arcopedico introduced and patented their Lytech material, a lightweight but strong blend of Lycra and polyurethane that makes their shoes machine-washable and easily packed away, whether you’re travelling across the world or across town. Each Arcopedico shoe is carefully made in Portugal and all Lytech shoes are guaranteed to be made according to environmentally friendly standards.

We’re proud to offer different colours and styles of Arcopedico shoes so that you can find the right shoe for your feet and your unique personal style. These shoes are so comfortable that you might find yourself wanting another pair, and then another and another. We think that’s a risk worth taking.  Wrap it