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Birkenstock Classic


Pretty much everyone has heard of Birkenstocks, but if you haven't tried them, you should! There's a reason they continue to be popular after so many decades: they are exceptionally durable, comfortable shoes recommended by podiatrists world wide..Read More

In fact, the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they become! Birkenstocks make casual sandals that are ideal for those who suffer from foot problems and for those who never want to experience them. They are often recommended by podiatrists, and in many ways, they are better than bare feet. The unique cork footbeds mould to your feet and provide a totally custom fit with exceptional shock absorption, arch support and comfort. The Birkenstock Arizona represents the brand with its iconic two strap, buckled design and classic comfort, but there are now more styles than ever to choose from. If you already love the original, it's time to get familiar with the whole Birkenstock family. There's a variety of new styles and designs, including thongs and clogs, all with the durability and comfort you have come to expect from Birkenstocks.

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