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What sets Birki’s clogs and sandals apart from the competition is the meticulous design of their footbeds, the result of generations of German shoemaking and the latest in podiatric research......Read More

They are made up of four distinct regions, and each one serves a specific purpose in order to give you as much foot support, balance and comfort as possible. The slightly hollowed-out heel cup helps ensure that your back remains straight; the arch supports keep your foot held securely and your weight distributed evenly; the toe grippers keep your foot muscles activated, preserving balance; and the elevated footbed edges hold the shoe firmly in place.

Birkis - Footwear for Comfort

Birki’s footwear combines the best in comfortable, supportive German shoemaking with vibrant colours and a variety of trendy designs. No two pairs of feet are exactly alike, so Birki’s shoes and sandals come with different footbeds, including soft cork, polyurethane, water-resistant cork and athlete-friendly viscoelastic foam. Whether you need clogs for the indoors, sandals for the beach or something for walking in the garden, there’s a Birki’s shoe for you. Check out our range of Birki’s footwear today, try out a pair, and you might just become a lifelong Birki’s fan.

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