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Happiness at your feet! So light, flexible and incredibly bouncy you will feel like you can fly! That’s why we call FitFlop: Shoes for superwomen. FitFlop sandals with the legendary Original MICROWOBBLEBOARD are known for diffusing foot pressure and relieving pain, they are instantly addictive! .Read More 

FitFlop™ Women's Shoes and Thongs

The unique sole design of Fitflops does everything your normal thong doesn't; FitFlop™ supports your arches, absorbs shock from walking, stabilises and tones muscles in the feet and legs to reduce stress and injury, how fantastic is that! It's the only flip-flop that's actually made for walking.

Not also famous for producing the most supportive thongs all summer, FitFlop shoes are a league of the own! Integrating not only the Original Microwobbleboard midsoles into shoes, but also brand new technologies with the dual-density lightweight and flexible SUPERCOMFF midsoles, and the single-density ANATOMICUSH with curved cushion and smart points for excellent support! Finally you can take wear your cush FitFlop from day to night, with such versatile designs are smart enough for the office, even elegant enough for events! Right here at Bstore, we will find the largest range of FitFlop in Australia!

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